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25 December 2015

How to Protect Your Wood Flooring From Winter Weather

Tips to Keep Your Wood Flooring Looking Great This Winter

acorn sitting on lumber wood flooringWhether it’s your kids coming in from a snowball fight or your guests stopping by your annual New Year’s Eve Party, people are going to bring snow, mud, and other elements in with them. Snow, mud, dirt, and debris can cause scratches on your floors, melted snow can cause damage to the finishes on your flooring, and dried salt can leave an unpleasant white residue on your flooring.

To help you keep your lumber flooring looking great all winter long (and through the other seasons!), here are some of our favorite tips on protecting your floors:

1. Clean your flooring and cover it with a protective coat.

Dirt and other elements can cause scratches, stains, and other problems to your lumber flooring. Because of this, one of the best lines of defense you can take is to clean your floors well and cover them with a high-quality floor stain or finish. This will offer a protective coat to help your floors stay in tact during parties and everyday wear and tear.

Be sure to keep cleaning your floors throughout the winter as well!

2. Invest in protective mats and rugs.

Place mats on the inside of each doorway into your home. You can use outdoor mats as well, but indoor mats are especially important because they won’t be exposed to weather and outdoor elements. Avoid rubber-backed or foam-backed mats, as these can leave discolorations and marks on your flooring.

You may also want to place rugs in high-trafficked areas like hallways, the kitchen, and party areas. Encourage your family members and guests to walk along the rugs instead of the unprotected floors to avoid stains and scratches.

Be sure to clean the mats and rugs regularly—or there’s no point in using them!

3. Leave shoes at the door.

One of the best preventative measures you can take is to have people leave their shoes at the door. Leave a waterproof mat, bin, or rack by the door so the snow, dirt, and debris is contained to one protected area. You could also ask guests to leave their shoes outside as well to avoid bringing any of the elements in at all.

4. Maintain humidity in your home.

The dry winter air and your heating system can cause your lumber flooring to contract, leaving gaps between flooring planks. While this is completely normal, and your floors will go back to normal once the season is over, you can help avoid gaps by using a humidifier throughout your home. The extra moisture in the air can help keep your lumber flooring looking great all year long.

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