25 October 2017

Fall Home Improvement Projects With Lumber

Man-working-on-lumber-projectLumber Uses In Preparation For Winter

When the leaves start to turn, you know you’re going to be spending a lot more time inside very soon. So why not start on some indoor home improvement projects? Fall and winter are the perfect times of the year to stay warm and busy. There are a number of different things you can do with lumber inside to create a more functional, beautiful home for you and your family. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Finish The Basement

When you want a large project, you can start by getting some lumber and framing in the basement. Framing isn’t a DIY project for everyone, but if you’re handy around the house, you can figure out how to get started on finishing your basement with the right lumber and some extra time inside. If you get done in time, you’ll have extra space to enjoy this winter.

Build Shelving

Lumber can become just about anything you can imagine. If you’ve always wanted more shelving in the kitchen or a bookcase near the fireplace, fall is a great time to grab the lumber you need and create the image you have in your mind. You’ll need more books when winter arrives so you can stay warm by the fire.

Create Chairs

If you like outdoor living in the spring and summer, use the space in your garage or basement in the fall to make chairs out of the lumber you buy. You can create bench-like seats or you can go with something more Adirondack-style. You can then spend more time on them by painting or finishing them in some way. When spring rolls around, you’ll have one more thing to look forward to!

Make Gifts

Winter can be long and boring and in preparation for those colder months, collect the lumber you need to make some gifts for the holidays. Maybe you like building birdhouses or something else of that nature that you can easily give as presents. You could also build a dollhouse, frames, end tables, or anything else you can imagine.

Get The Lumber You Need

The first step in any home improvement project that involves lumber is to get the lumber you need! Lampert Lumber supplies top quality lumber every day of the year. We also have the tools and hardware supplies you need for whatever project you take on. You can visit us in person or take a look at our online catalog so you know what all you need on your list. We also offer design and consulting services to make sure you love the final result of your home improvement project. We’re here to help you better your home and we’ll help in any way we can! As fall settles in, get creative with lumber and improve your home so it’s ready for winter! Stop by one of our stores and browse the aisles. You never know what ideas will inspire you!