25 May 2019

Deck Design Ideas for Summer

Getting The Deck Design To Suit Your Style

Is your deck ready for summer? We’ve compiled a wide range of deck design trends to transform your outdoor living space into something truly beautiful. You will be able to enjoy all that summer has to offer from cookouts, to sunbathing in your lounge chair starting this June. If you are ready to build a brand-new deck, or change the one you have, use some of these unique deck design ideas to infuse your home with style and functionality in your outdoor living space. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Consider Tile

Most decks are made from wood, but if you want a unique outdoor living space that stands out, consider using tile on your deck. It’s unexpected and looks more like a kitchen or bathroom. When you choose the right colors to make the space look natural, it gives off a youthful, colorful, and fun vibe, and cleans up easier, without the fuss.

Surround The Center

How are you planning to utilize your deck this summer? Is there an outdoor kitchen you want to use for grilling or cooking with your family and friends? Is there a pool in the middle of the space you want to have the deck around? Perhaps a hot tub? Surround that central item with the deck boards and use them to point toward that center area. You can draw the eye to your centerpiece by the way you direct the boards of the deck.

Install A Firepit

If you plan to spend a lot of time on your deck, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Incorporate an outdoor firepit that can give you a cozy atmosphere. Firepits look great on a deck, whether they are in use or not. You can build it right into the deck design to make it a part of the permanent feel of the space. Plus, who doesn’t love s’mores?

Paint The Flooring

Decks are usually made from natural wood, but that certainly isn’t a requirement. If you are going for a beach look or you want a different style, paint your deck boards. White would be great for a beach house vibe, or you can go with a lighter color that matches the deck furniture you have chosen. Light colors are best for cooling purposes, but they can add a unique appeal to the deck.

Don’t Forget The Railings

The deck itself will only show if you look down beneath your feet, but the railing is something you will see on a regular basis. If you want a deck design to stand out, remember the railing in your design process. You can use unique rods, like steel rods with designs, or just put in wooden dowels at different cross crossing angles to give the deck a special feel.

Get Help With Deck Design

Feeling inspired? You are in luck. We can help you with your deck design. When you run into ideas you like or need help with the overall design, visit Lampert Lumber. Not only do we have the supplies you need, but also the staff to help with the process from design to completion.

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