Man in lumber yard working with different types of lumber
20 January 2017

Cool Uses for Lumber

Man in lumber yard working with different types of lumberWith Lumber, There is no, ‘All Work and No Play.’

Lumber builds our homes, and keeps them strong for years. We depend on having lots of trees for shade, for their fruit, for their nuts, and to keep us warm and safe. Lumber isn’t all business, though: the wood that we use for important things is also great for the things that make us smile. People have been whittling wood into figurines, masks, and toys for hundreds of years. Boats made of hollowed tree trunks have taken millions of people up and down rivers all over the world. As time went on, we got more creative with our use of lumber material, and fun things happened.


Though traditionally a long strand of sturdy cloth material, clothes lines have occasionally been made entirely of wood. It isn’t difficult to get the necessary materials for a wooden clothes line, and measuring and carving is actually fairly simple. Hang your laundry on the finer poles of wood, and secure them with clothes pins. Your sheets and clothing will be dry within a few hours. Try treated pine for a fresh scent that will linger on your clothes and sheets.

Yard Tool Storage

Pallets are the ultimate DIY tool. People all over the internet have jammed them together with nails and glues, sanded and painted them, and made enough furniture for a field of sustainable mansions. If you’re not a DIY domestic god, never fear: there is a simple way to participate in the sustainable and renewable movement without much effort. Turn a pallet up to stand on its side. Load it with your home cleaning tools, like your rakes, your mops, and shovels, and voila! You’ve just saved room.

She Shed

If you’re a serious DIY builder, it’s time for you to show your skills off to…the backyard. She Sheds are a relatively new phenomenon that is the woman’s version of the Man Cave: an escape from the stressors of home life. She Sheds can be recycled sheds from someone’s backyard, or you can build a simple platform, and start your own! Check with your local government to see if you actually need a permit to make your own, but you can finish it, decoration and all, in a week! In a week, you could have your own office, studio, or book nook. Don’t feel limited by the actual purpose of your She Shed – it’s your space! Get a convertible heater/air conditioner, get a folding table for your little wall, and invite your girls for tea and sandwiches.  

Tree House

Remember, growing up, that all of the cool kids had swingsets or play places in their backyards? Do that for your little ones! If you’ve got the time, and the skill (and of course, the tree), build a treehouse for your kids to camp out, and they’ll make memories that will last a lifetime. The hardest part about this project is the need to make sure that you have a strong enough foundation to support at least a few hundred pounds. Your kids will want to play in their treehouse, but they may also want to bring their friends, too. Later, they may still choose their treehouse for comfort, and that is the true pay off for you.

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