Stacked Ends of Lumber
25 April 2016

5 Ways to Use Lumber Planks for Home Decor

5 Simple DIY Lumber Home Decor Projects

Stacked Ends of LumberUsing wood in your home decor, especially solid planks of lumber, can add a sense of warmth in your space. Lumber is not only beautiful, but also durable and cost-effective. To soften up your space and make it feel more like home, we have outlined a few DIY projects you can easily create using lumber from your local lumber yard. Keep reading below!

1. Exposed Lumber Beams

While in the traditional sense, beams are used for structural support, they can bring in immense beauty into the home. Rich, grainy wood stretched across a contrasting white ceiling can provide warmth and dimension to the space, while making it look bigger.

While most homes have beams that are hidden, you can still create this look in your home using planks of lumber. At your local lumber yard, you will be able to find planks of wood ranging in all lengths and widths, allowing you to find the perfect size for your space.

For those with higher ceilings, we recommend a thicker plank, as the space will be able to house a bigger piece of lumber without making the room feel smaller.

2. Shelving

A home can only benefit from shelving. Not only can shelving act as extra storage for your family, but also function as home decor.

There is a big trend for the industrial look and feel of homes. Combining hard metals with wood can result in a rustic, yet charming appeal that can be appreciated in a wide variety of decor.

Lumber shelving can be created in just about any room in the home. You can use lumber shelving in the kitchen as a decorative way to house your spices, in the bathroom for towel storage, or even in the garage for any extra storage you may need for your home. The possibilities are endless.

3. Stair or Deck Railings

With summer right around the corner, you’ll be spending more and more time on your deck. To give your deck an easy update, try replacing outdated or worn iron railings with lumber. This will help make your deck one seamless entity, while adding a sense of decor to the space.

Rather than replacing the entire iron railing with wood, you can also try using lumber to cover the main posts between the railings to create a more decorative look.

4. Pergola

Enjoying the outdoors can go beyond a deck. Creating a beautiful pergola in your yard can be a great place to gather with friends and family outside, without baking in the sun.

A pergola is a simple structure that is meant to provide shade. Using a series of plans of lumber, you can create your own pergola in your backyard in no more than a weekend.

5. Outdoor Bench

Finding affordable outdoor seating can be somewhat of a challenge. Using planks of lumber and cinder blocks, you can create a functional and modern outdoor bench.

By laying two cinder blocks on their tops across from each other, you can insert planks of lumber into the holes to create sturdy bench. Repeat this three times and line them up next to each other to create a wider bench. You can use them as is or place cushions on top for a more comfortable seat.


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