Traits of a Great Hardware Store include Helpful Employees
26 August 2016

4 Traits of a Great Hardware Store

What Sets a Great Hardware Store Apart From the Pack?

Traits of a Great Hardware Store include Helpful Employees

There are hundreds of hardware stores trying to make their way across the United States. Have you ever wondered what sets the successes apart from the failures? While there are many factors that can result in any business failing, the hardware industry is built upon helpfulness and knowledge. Here are a few things that set a failing hardware store apart from the success stories.

1. Helpfulness

Most people that walk into a hardware store have no idea how to do the project that they want to do. While there are many people that know exactly what they’re doing that don’t need any help, the majority of people are also looking for expertise and services for what they need to get their project done. Providing this for them is the best way for you to build trust and loyalty with your clientele: if they learn that your hardware store is a great place for them to learn what they need to know, they’re going to come back for their next project. If they’re doing one DIY project, you can bet that they’re going to have more in the future, so building that trust is one of the most effective ways that you can get a loyal customer base.

2. Knowledge

Because customers are looking for people that can actually give them guidance about their projects, it behooves many hardware companies to pay a little bit more for knowledgeable employees who actually know what they’re doing. You’re selling more than just the product itself when you run a hardware company: you’re also selling the knowledge needed to use those products properly and effectively. Even though most of the knowledge that comes along with getting an industrial project done is already on the internet, many people want the personal touch of having someone tell them directly exactly what they need to do. Having a team that is knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for your customers is going to ensure that your hardware store is successful.

3. Reward Returning Business

Once you have a clientele that has been helped with the knowledge that your employees have provided for them, the last step in making sure that they come back to your business is to reward them with an incentive program. Next time they come to you with a project, maybe they get a freebie that you don’t give to first time clients. Offering this little bit of extra convenience is going to create loyal customers that are happy to return to your business.

4. Reinforce Your Reputation

You want to seem like the helpful place that people can go to when they need a little bit of extra knowledge and parts to get their projects done. A great way to help that image is to help out your community. Be recognized as the place that gives as much as they get, because being helpful in the community will reflect how helpful you are in your private business, effectively driving more customers through the front door. This little bit of reinforcement will go a long way, as you can proudly display your community service accomplishments to the community.


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