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Lampert Lumber is the premier provider of lumber and building materials in Milwaukee. We have proudly served contractors and residents for over a century.

Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin. It is the county seat of Milwaukee County. The city has over 594,833 residents. The name “Milwaukee” derived from either the Potawatomi minwaking or the Ojibwe ominowakiing meaning “gathering place”. We are proud to serve the residents and contractors of Milwaukee every day!

Milwaukee was originally inhabited by the French Canadian fur trader Alexis Laframboise. However, there was no real city until Solomon Juneau came to the area in 1818. He built Juneautown, that attracted quite a number of settlers. There were two other builders on opposite sides of the rivers: Byron Kilbourn and George H. Walker. Each of these men created fairly large settlements on their respective sides of the rivers, and there was quite a bit of quarrelling among them until 1846 when they decided to combine the settlements and incorporate the city. Solomon Juneau became the first mayor of the city.

Milwaukee is known for its beautiful, historic architecture. Its city hall was designed in a Flemish Renaissance Revival style. The city had a high population of German immigrants, so the building was designed after a style reminiscent of buildings that you would find in Germany. At one point, the city hall was the tallest habitable building in the US. There are other examples of historic architecture in Milwaukee’s historic districts.

With over 30 locations, Lampert Lumber is sure to have exactly what you’re looking for. Give us a call or stop by to consult our experts and find the lumber, building materials and industrial supplies to suit your needs.