plane loveVisit our LamPerks Contractor Store to buy promotional products for your business using your LamPerks points. Gifts include high-quality apparel, home show signage, and more.

Lampert Lumber loves working with contractors, and we want to reward them for their loyalty to us. This is why we created the LamPerks program. We offer many benefits to contractors that use our products and services at any of our 33 locations.

We offer the most flexible incentive program in the industry. Program members earn points while shopping for tools, building supplies, or anything else they may need. When program members redeem their points, they can earn merchandise, marketing services, travel, and much more. Individuals have redeemed their points for items ranging from college tuition to boats.

Take a look at all of the details of the LamPerks program below!

Program Dates

January 1 – December 31

Enrollment Dates

New members: January 1 – December 31 Returning members: January 1 – April 15

Program Requirements

Once you have made a minimum of $25,000 worth of eligible purchases, you can participate in the program. If you have made this minimum of purchases, talk to a consultant about enrollment into the LamPerk program.

Eligible Purchases

To qualify for award points, the purchases must be made by an enrolled contractor from a Lampert Lumber location between the program dates. A purchase will not be eligible if the item or items are shipped after the program period is over (after December 31).

How to Redeem Points

We offer many options for redeeming your LamPerks award points. Any time you wish to redeem points, you will need to complete an Award Redemption form.

Cabela’s Gift Certificates

You can redeem your points and earn Cabela’s Gift Certificates, simply fill out an Award Redemption form.

Purchases from Lampert Lumber

We give you an additional 10% in spending points if you decide to redeem your award points at Lampert Lumber. This offer is only good for in-store purchases and will not apply to wholesale products.


Lampert Lumber also offers great marketing services for our enrolled members. We provide a number of different marketing service options including:

  • Full color floor layout plans
  • Model spec sheets
  • Business cards
  • Full color brochures for models

Talk to our consultants at your local Lampert Lumber to see how to enroll in the LamPerks program today!


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