Quartz Countertops

New KitchenHomeowners and contractors have a number of options when it comes to deciding what kind of countertops they want in a kitchen or bathroom. They often love the look of stone countertops, but quartz can meet the quality of stone countertops without the huge price tag.

When you are looking for countertops for a custom home or remodel, consider using quartz. Quartz has many benefits that make it perfect for any kitchen or bathroom.

The Benefits of Quartz

  • Hardness – Quartz is one of the world’s hardest materials. Because of this, it is extremely durable and crack and scratch resistant.
  • Non-Porous – Bacteria, mold and mildew will not soak into the quartz, so it is safe for all kinds of cooking. This is also very helpful for the bathroom. Its non-porous surface makes it stain resistant and easy to clean.
  • Appearance – Quartz has a very symmetrical look and can be made to look like other much more expensive stone countertops.
  • Little Maintenance – Unlike other stone countertops, quartz does not need to be resealed. It is also stain and scratch resistant, so it will keep its nice appearance for years.
  • Customizable – Because of quartz’s manufacturing process, it can be colored a wider range of colors that are not available in stone countertops.

Quartz countertops are an excellent investment, because they are highly durable and easy to maintain. Lampert Lumber has an amazing selection of quartz countertops that will look wonderful in any family’s kitchen or bathroom. You are welcome to look over our collections in our showrooms. Talk to Lampert Lumber’s experts about what kind of countertop will look best in your home.