Lampert Lumber is proud to provide our customers with ClosetMaid products for your ultimate satisfaction and convenience. If you struggle with a closet that doesn’t seem to stay organized or a storage room that is always a disaster, then ClosetMaid shelving will be a tremendous benefit for you.

ClosetMaid offers a wide variety of products that help even the most chaotic spaces become more functional and gain the sharp, clean appearance that impresses. With items for every area of the home from the bedroom, family room, garage, home office, kitchen, and laundry room, we guarantee you will find what you’re looking for.

From shoe racks, to hooks, cabinets, shower caddies, and much more, ClosetMaid has numerous options for the ultimate organization solutions for any of your storage needs. Some general categories of products that ClosetMaid provides are listed below, but not limited to:

  • Wire shelving
  • Fixed mount hardware
  • Closet rod hardware
  • Adjustable mount hardware
  • Wire kits and prepacks
  • Wire drawer systems
  • Wood closet organizers
  • Cube storage
  • Stackable storage furniture
  • Laminate storage furniture
  • Laminate accessories

A clean workspace or storage area doesn’t just look professional, but it also improves your mood, efficiency and productivity. Take control of your belongings and improve your home or workplace with the best products. If you are looking for quality storage and organizational products for your home or business, Lampert Lumber is your one-stop-shop. For more information about the items we carry or how we can help assist you with any other needs from storage sheds, to excellent tools or building materials, please contact our experts today!

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