Our History

Lampert Lumber's storefrontLampert Lumber has an impressive history, starting with Jacob and Leonard Lampert in 1887 and flourishing to the impressive business that it is today. Our mission has always been to offer quality lumber and home improvement products to our clients for their construction projects. Take a look at each of the eras of Lampert Lumber.

Jacob and Leonard Lampert (1887-1928)

The Lampert brothers purchased a lumber yard in the town of Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. Their next lumber yard was purchased in Mankato, Minnesota in 1890. While Jacob managed the yard in Sleepy Eye, Leonard managed the yard in Mankato. The brothers were able to sell high quality lumber to the local farmers and other tradesmen. By the late 1800’s, the Interstate Commerce Commission required that small towns should be built every six miles alongside the railroad tracks. Each community usually just had a general store, a grain elevator and a lumber yard. This created a great area of opportunity for the Lampert brothers who were able to build 10 yards by the turn of the century.

By 1900, the brothers were dealing with such a great supply of lumber that they moved their headquarters to the Twin Cities so that they could be closer to their lumber supply. Eventually in 1924, the company split in two. Leonard’s son, became president of half of the yards that they named Lampert Lumber, while Jacob’s son Horace became the president of Lampert Yards.

Horace Lampert (1928-1938)

In 1928, Horace stepped up as president of Lampert Yards. He successfully maneuvered the company through the depression and pre-WWII era. During that pre war era, Lampert Yards had grown to owning 58 lumber yards. Unfortunately, in 1938, Horace tragically drowned. At this point, Horace’s brother-in-law, John K. Fesler, was elected as president.

John K. Fesler (1928-1966)

Lampert Yards grew steadily during this time, purchasing lumber yards one at a time. Eventually acquiring a total of 75 yards. By 1966, John K. Fesler retired leaving the company to his 2 sons David R. Fesler and John L. Fesler as president and vice president respectively.

David R. Fesler & John L. Fesler (1966-1994)

During this time, there was quite a bit of consolidation. Many of the smaller yards closed and the larger yards began to resemble the “home improvement” store model instead of simply a lumber yard.

Daniel Fesler (1994-2015)

As a fourth generation owner, Dan Fesler was proud of the company that his family built. He knew the importance of holding the traditions of the fathers before him, while adapting to the computer age and the changes construction industry. In 2012, Lampert Yards changed their name to Lampert Lumber. Lampert Lumber was purchased in 2015 by US LBM and even though the ownership has changed the name of the company and service they provide remains the same.

Bob Egan (2005-2016)

As former president of Lampert Lumber, Bob Egan continued with the tradition of providing quality products, while incorporating the purchasing advantages made available through US LBM. He continued to maintain the culture that made Lampert Lumber the supplier and employer of choice.

Lampert Lumber President - Dennis Hoyt

Dennis Hoyt (2017-Current)

As current president of Lampert Lumber, Dennis Hoyt plans to continue the growth of the company without compromising the tradition of providing quality products to our customers and the communities we serve. The partnership with US LBM and their goal of Operational Excellence align with values of Lampert Lumber.